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Warranties and guarantees.

Warranties and Guarantees

The machines are warranted against operational design flaws, inability to meet performance guarantees or failure for parts, for a period of time one (1) year from delivery/installation. During the first sixty (60) days after delivery/installation, labour and travelling costs incurred for warranty related service calls are free.

During this sixty day "debugging and break in" period, service costs are not chargeable if and only if the call is inspired by a warranty related problem. All other service work is chargable at our regular service rates. In the event the production use of the equipment does not commence immediately after the installation, Labelling Technologies will, when appropriate, only consider the "debugging and break in" period to begin at the commencement of production use.

After this period, all labour and travelling costs are extra. All parts are warranted against failure, under normal use, for a period of one(1) year (labour and travelling costs are extra). For the purposes of this warranty it is assumed that the units in question will be utilitized for up to twenty-four (24) hours each work day for seven days of each week. This assumes a maximum one-hundred and sixty-eight (168) hour work week.

Electronic components, such as sensors and printer circuit boards will be replaced during warranty period but credit will be issued for their cost only after a warranty evaluation to determine the source of the failure.

Consumables, such as ink rollers, print ribbons, print heads and wipedown rollers are not covered under warranty.

The performance of the machine is guaranteed to fulfill the specifications laid out in the proposal either as machine specifications or as performance implied by operation characterized in the proposal. These specifications and characteristics both understood and implied will be confirmed at the time of order placement. Work done to insure the satisfaction of the equipment performance is covered by warranty. However, Labelling Technologies assumes no responsibility for costs related to either "downtime" or any other form of production related costs.

All warranties and guarantees are considered void in the event that the unauthorized persons (Persons authorized to perform repairs and maintenance to equipment purchased from Labelling Technologies in reference to warranties are as follows: staff and other representatives of Labelling Technologies; the customer's or end user's staff, especially set-up and maintenace personnel, who have received training in the operation and maintenance of the system either by Labelling Technologies or by customer's or end user's staff that have received such training) perform repairs or modifications to the equipment. Furthermore, these are void if it is found that instructed levels of care and maintenance laid out in the "Combo System Operation and Maintenance Manual" supplied are understood to be followed in full, failing which warranty and guarantee obligations of free service will not be applicable. Any contracts or orders that result from acceptance of the proposal to which these Warranties and Guarantees are attached will be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.

All warranties, guarantees and service will be suspended in the event that an outstanding balance exists on any portion of the purchase price of the equipment or services as outlined in the proposal beyond that allowed for by the terms of the purchase. This suspension will take place after reasonable attempts to collect said amount have failed or acceptable justifications for non-payment have not been presented.

Labelling Technologies guarantees to support its customers in good standing and honour all warranties and guarantees attached to equipment and services.

All service support is available during normal working hours.

Terms of sale for parts and/or service are as follows:

New customer:
For orders less than $5,000.00 on approved credit:
For pre-ordered (non-rush) orders of $5,000.00 or greater on approved credit (not incl. rebuilds):

Minimum Parts orders
Charge for N.S.F cheques


Service Rates

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 5:30pm
Friday: 8:00am - 12 noon

Overtime (Weekdays outside regular hours)


Sundays and Holidays

Travel Charge (kms only, time in transit is not charged)

Service Travel Distance over 500km round
trip (Regular hrs only, based on an 8 hour day)





$1.00/km round trip distance

Daily rate of $750.00 + Travel Expenses